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Our offer includes the assumption of property management at every stage of her life, from obtaining permission to use.


We provide professional and thorough and timely execution of all activities related to the management of the common parts of residential and commercial properties.


A range of management actions are parts of common property among others.:


  1. participation in the real estate transfer protocol
  2. legal services for real estate
  3. conduct of the property and construction of the technical
  4. preparation of annual business plans based on market analysis, property management
  5. coordination and supervision of all work done for the common real estate companies subcontracting
  6. conduct a full accounting
  7. determine how to use the most attractive real estate
  8. all activities related to the technical maintenance of the common property (maintenance,)
  9. any such maintenance Housing Communities and their members (convening and organizing meetings)
  10. all activities related to the management of economic and financial property.


Supervising the acquisition of property in the management of qualified construction allowing for the detailed and substantive analysis and evaluation of as-built documentation of the property. With years of experience developing and building, together with practical knowledge of the warranty and after warranty at a constant cooperation between the community and the contractors residential investment.


Persons administrators and coordinating activities of subcontractors and other providers of services to the property have shared many years of experience in managing teams wieloosobowymi regulations including the management team of licensed real estate managers, administrative, housing dozens.
Administration of real estate transactions in each case carry licensed administrator with at least ten years experience in the management of common property.


Team PR-sp Estate Ltd. guarantees due care of their operations. Our services are adapting to the needs of each individual property and the requirements of its owners. In order to prepare a detailed offer specifying the nature and extent of services we offer in such a way as to more fully meet your expectations, you are welcome to contact our office.