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About us

PR-estate Company Ltd. was founded in 1991. In the initial phase of its activities, the company has provided construction services and information for the supply of equipment with specialized software for construction companies and industrial subcontracting and manufacturing.


With the passage of time has changed the composition of ownership of the company and increased the scope of the company. Currently, the company conducts business in real estate management, real estate agents, rental of advertising space, and large carrying out energy audits of real estate and energy certification.


Major contribution to the success of the company contend that people with long-term practice in the management of large construction companies with a comprehensive execution in the country and abroad. Experience in the performance of residential buildings, car parks, swimming pools, public buildings (kindergartens, schools, health centers, sports halls) translates perfectly to professional activities related to real estate market.


Not without significance is also experienced in implementing the design-construction firms integrated management systems in the field of finance and accounting, materials management, procurement, Controlling, financial flows, human resources and payroll, before and after-sales customer service call center, ongoing maintenance and construction separate accounting and record keeping personnel of personal housing communities.


Complete responsibility for staffing firms have management experience in participation in supervisory boards, including as chairman of state-owned companies, the management of other operators, as well as betting on the management of large-profile electronic-informatics and industrial automation.